January 2017 Tarot Challenge

Tarot Challenge

For the exciting new year of 2017, I’ve created a tarot challenge for the month of January! The first ten prompts are about last year and are reflecting on who you were last year, what you’ve experienced and learned. The next ten are what you’d like to accomplish and manifest for yourself this coming year. […]


Goddess Power

Sometimes, when I get down I have to remind myself of my innate Goddess Power. I work in a very male dominated field that is physical labor intensive and I’ve had to face many challenges with that…from harassment in different forms to just flat out verbal disrespect and men screaming at me. I’m constantly having […]

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Living a Heart Centered Life and Love Consciousness

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the heart chakra. The Sanskrit word for the heart chakra is “Anahata” meaning “unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten.” The heart chakra is our emotional center of the body but that’s the most basic meaning of what the heart chakra is- there’s so much more. The heart is also where we feel […]


Gimme the Juicy Details! Spread

Here’s a spread for figuring out a situation that has some deep themes. It may be love and romance, or life path, work or family life but this spread is more geared towards romance and sex. I think that’ll become apparent the more you read the description of each card placement!! XD Enjoy     […]


A few Affirmations

Hello All, Here’s a couple of affirmations I’ve used to help further my own spiritual progress and mental health. I would reccomend saying an affirmation to yourself or work it into conversation as many times a day as possible. The more you say them, and the more you say them with conviction- the more you’ll […]


Guide to Sea Witchery Part 1

  Hello All, Here’s a new PDF on tapping into your inner Sea Witch. It’s Part 1 of a series I’d like to do featuring Sea Magick! So stay tuned for further updates and additions to the beginnings of the resources here! I hope to add as much as possible. Enjoy! PDF Version: sea-witchery-part-1 Image […]