Wave’s Witching Hour Episode 9: Working Magic Around the House

Working around the House

Working on the cheap, do not underestimate the dollar store

Spray Bottle Magic


florida water, tap water, and clear quartz


love bath mixture, tap water, and rose quartz


money bath mixture, tap water, and crushed up fool’s gold

Around the House

Self Love:

Put rose quartz and dried rose petals in with your make up bag

Wash your delicates with rose quartz and when dry spritz with love spray bottle


If a couple is fighting, put some of their hair or nail clippings in a cloth napkin and hide it somewhere in the home to tie them together.

To get someone to come to your bed, write their name and brith date on a piece of paper with a hair of thiers, fold it towards yourself and hide that under the mattress with some come to me lover oil, anoint yourself with the oil.

If you love someone, cook a meal for them with Basil.


Make a little abundance altar in the kitchen for money coming into the heart of the home

green candle, pryite, offerings of money to the spirits, big belly buddha


Take several lemons and peel and juice them with only your hands into a jar of water. Bless this water with New Moon Energy to banish the negativity. Anoint your home at the corners, door knobs and windows.

Florida Water floor wash

Use Palo Santo or Sage or Frankinsense to smudge away evil.

Use a bell and your voice throughout the home, hollerin’ at the ghosts telling them to leave.

Paint your door haint blue, to keep spirits out.


Take a pot and shine it with some oil and a rag, the shinier you can get it the better.  Use this pot as a shiny keep away evil amulet.

Rub protection oil on your door, every corner of the home.

Make a witches bottle (full of nails, tacks, needles, dirt from your around 4 corners of home, etc) and bury it in the back yard

Charge and bless a railroad spike to protect the home, put it somewhere no one will find

Put a small archangel micheal statue near your door for protecting the home, or in your car to protect you as you drive.

Hang a broom upside down to protect the home.

The Broom is a tool a million times useful.


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