Wave’s Witching Hour Episode 11 Sea Witchery 1: The Mystery of the Mermaid

An introspective look at the Mer-folk of the sea. Every culture has it’s own mermaid legends, Wave will discuss them and what it means to do Sea Magick.

To learn more about Sea Witchery take a look at Sea Witchery Volume 1:
Wondrous Wave

For today’s spell of the week to connect with Mother Ocean:

Take a bath with sea salt, a blue candle and anoint yourself with coconut water for a connection to the ocean. Make a prayer to Mother Ocean and let her salt cleanse you. If you have a large shell that you can use to cup the water and pour it over your head, that’s great. If not, that’s okay too– pour the water over your head and then down the rest of your body. Wear blue clothes.