1 Hour Email Tarot Reading


A great reading for any question, any subject and for any time of your life. Wave will do the reading using a deck and spread or card layout that best suits your question’s needs and then create a PDF document for you with pictures and meanings of the reading so you can enjoy it over and over again or share with friends. The tarot is a system that can give detailed answers to any question while maintaining it’s occult mystique. Let the tarot entrance you with this reading.

In the Order Notes section at checkout:

Please write your name so I can connect to your unique energy as well as any other identifying things that you feel reign true for who you are like your sign or date of birth. Ask a specific question or get a general forecast, it’s up to you!

Please make sure the email you have provided at checkout is one you still have access to, as this will be the way you receive your reading. 


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