Monthly Subscription To Wondrous Wave


Wondrous Wave Monthly Subscription

Weekly Forecasts

By subscribing to Wondrous Wave you will receive a weekly forecast each week of the month that you’ve subscribed on each beginning SUNDAY so you know what’s in store for the week ahead. This knowledge can be used to avoid negative situations, make sure that things in your life go in your favor, and thus hopefully grant successes in many endeavors. Many Kings and Queens of the past would consult oracles for forecasts on their lives–you are the King or Queen of your life. Reign!

A Candle Service

You’ll also be given a candle service on your behalf on ONE of the following areas of your life that you choose:

  • Cleansing
  • Protection
  • Banishing
  • Keep Away Negative Spirits
  • Boss Fix
  • Keep Away Police
  • Money
  • Prosperity
  • Career
  • Sex
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Attraction of Desires

You’ll be sent pictures of the candle service as well as a divination of how the candle service went according to flame reading divination practices.

The subscription is on a month to month basis, renew it if you’d like. There’s no obligation or pressure. This is truly a service to you and your needs.

In the Order Notes Section: 

Please include your name and birth date as well as choosing from the options above what you would like for your candle service of the month. 

Please make sure the email you use at check out is one that you can access, that’s how you’ll be sent your weekly forecasts. 

Wave is not a doctor, therapist, lawyer or deity, she is not perfect and there is no 100% guarantee. However, She will do her best and hold her intentions for you for the highest possible good of all.

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