Reading and Rootwork Consultation


Book a Reading and Rootwork Consultation with Wave to ameliorate a certain condition of your life. The first step is the reading to see if it’s possible to ameliorate this condition with rootwork and how it must be done. The reading also confirms that this is the correct step to take for your life.

IF Wave accepts you as a rootwork client, she will then prepare a spell for your condition and send you the spell outline, final price, and time span for the working. (Note that the working may cost an additional $50-150 depending upon materials needed, shipping costs for items, time and energy of worker, and a long or extended time span for the work.)

The work could be a candle service done on your behalf, mojo bag, talisman or blessed item sent to you, prepared baths or dirts, or a long distance ritual. Wave will work closely with you to aid you with the best of her magickal abilities and send you photo updates throughout the process (if applicable to the work, like a candle spell or long distance ritual.)

Wave specializes in these matters:

  • Cleansing 
  • Protection
  • Banishing
  • Healing
  • Attraction 
  • Love
  • Spiritual Awakenings / Psychic Ability
  • Personal Empowerment / Mastery




Wave is not a doctor, therapist, lawyer or deity, she is not perfect and there is no 100% guarantee. However, She will do her best and hold her intentions for you for the highest possible good of all.


Wave is an experienced Witch and Rootworker of 13 years and counting. She works with La Santisima Muerte, Archangel Micheal, St. Expedite, Archangel Metatron, as well as personal spirits and ancestors of hers.