Skype Introduction to Crystals Class


For those of you that are not in the Twin Cities area and want to learn at home, the Skype Crystals Class is available.  You’ll get one on one teaching and coaching on using crystals for meditation, healing, manifesting and programming crystals. My goal is to teach a class that gives the student the power to rely on their own intuition to know what crystals are for their highest good. No book can teach these energetic techniques that I will show you passed on to me by my Reiki Teacher. We’ll do energy techniques, a guided meditation, instruction and plenty of Q&A together. You’ll receive in your email a instructional booklet I’ve created that guides you on your journey with crystals after the class is over. In the booklet you’ll find tables, instructions for care of crystals as well as a crystal journal program.  Class will be 1-2 hours depending on how fast we can cover all the material and questions/discussion time. This unique class is something you won’t want to miss!


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