Goddess Inspiration of the Week for 3/13/17-3/19/17

So lately everyone’s been talking about a particular goddess by the name of Venus. The planet Venus is currently in retrograde and has been since March 5th, it will not be out of retrograde until April 15th. Lemme tell you, it has been hitting me HARD and I’m not even a sign ruled by Venus! […]


Interview with New Team Member, Ocean Wild!

I’m so excited to announce the name of our first Wondrous Wave Team Member: Ocean Wild! He’s an old friend of mine who is a fantastic tarot reader, witch and friend. Here’s some more information about him with this interview… Name: Ocean Wild   Location: Charleston, SC   1.Who are you?  Well that is a […]


Guide to Sea Witchery Part 1

  Hello All, Here’s a new PDF on tapping into your inner Sea Witch. It’s Part 1 of a series I’d like to do featuring Sea Magick! So stay tuned for further updates and additions to the beginnings of the resources here! I hope to add as much as possible. Enjoy! PDF Version: sea-witchery-part-1 Image […]