Self Reflection

I prayed to my protectors/guardians today and asked them what I should write about for my first ever blog post on my new website. Their response was Self Reflection.Self Reflection It’s the perfect answer, since I’ve been going through a major transition in my life. After a long and grueling experience with a job that was a both a blessing and a curse- I decided to take the summer off. I needed time for me, time to reach deep within myself and find the spiritual being that I let temporarily slip away and my mind fog into a lull of repeating shapes and mundane patterns. It was basic survival, but it wasn’t really living-with the exception of a few days that come to mind that seemed to be by perfect divine appointment.

When I look back at my life and who I’ve become, it’s rather exciting. I’ve overcome so many obstacles, adversity, homelessness, mental illness, and loss. Instead of focusing on the guilt I feel for how I’ve hurt others, or made mistakes or the pain and sorrow that I feel when I think of parts of the past I try to think about how those were a necessary part of the puzzle of my life now. All the parts integral to the whole. Reiki has the ability to heal not only the present but the past. When you think about healing the present, it’s often recovering from the past so without the past there would be no growth. Without the hurt and mistakes there would be no development with potential for great joy and fulfillment. It’s that potential that keeps me going, it keeps me thriving for more life. Do you know what heals you?

The human heart beats about 115,200 times a day. The average person blinks about 28,000 times a day. The average human lungs breathe 17,000-30,000 times. While the heart beats, the eyes blink, and the lungs breathe- what is the soul doing? What fuels the light in our eyes, the fuel for the heart and the air of our beings? Every day we have a chance to look at ourselves with the intent of love and for the highest good for our higher selves to develop more. Each day we make the choice to look at a mirror with bright eyes and wonder or with pity and disdain. Some would say that every day can’t be a golden ray of sunshine, but even sadness can be beautiful too if you become self aware enough to acknowledge that this too shall pass. Everything is temporary. Nothing lasts but nothing is lost. The soul is infinite.

I’ve always had this gut feeling that I knew exactly who I was, even in childhood. There was no question, and I’ve always had this feeling that this physical me was temporary and that the deeper me was forever. I’ve been trying to get closer to this forever me all of my life so far- but especially in the last 6 years. After completing my Reiki Master/Teacher training there was a shift in me that was unparalleled by any other experience I’ve had thus far. A feeling that I needed to be a guide for others, to help people realize their spiritual potential. I’ve been searching for how to do this in a way that is open and inviting to people and beneficial for both parties. I want to grow with you. That’s what led me to making my own website for readings and Reiki sessions. I’m taking this transition by the horns and manifesting what I want in my life.

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