Goddess Power

Sometimes, when I get down I have to remind myself of my innate Goddess Power. I work in a very male dominated field that is physical labor intensive and I’ve had to face many challenges with that…from harassment in different forms to just flat out verbal disrespect and men screaming at me. I’m constantly having to prove myself over and over again and this can become very tiring. I often question whether or not I can do it or if it’s for me or not or if I’m strong enough or if I’ll make it…the anxieties go on. However, my inner Goddess power gets me through. Being a Witch and being a manifestor and creator of my life gets me through these times. I wrote a little letter above of things I wish someone would say to me after those hard times happen. I said things that I wish someone would have said to me, well someone did say these things to me- I did. My inner self, my higher self, my own Goddess power said these things to me- and I listened and wiped my tears and picked back up. My sister, I love you. You have this inner voice too. The Goddess is alive. She is alive within us. Let’s lift each other up.  I plan on posting more rituals and spells about Goddess Power and love. My last post was on Love Consciousness and living a Heart Centered Life, this also relates to Goddess Power as love is the highest vibration and very powerful. I’d love for my blog to be a safe place for women to seek refuge from the male dominated society we live in and to be reunited with the Goddess source. If you’d like to see something in particular, I’d love recommendations or suggestions from you. I’d love to share what I can with you and if I don’t know- I’ll direct you to someone who does. We can lift each other up. We can share with each other. We can open our hearts and become united in love.