Interview with New Team Member, Ocean Wild!

I’m so excited to announce the name of our first Wondrous Wave Team Member: Ocean Wild! He’s an old friend of mine who is a fantastic tarot reader, witch and friend. Here’s some more information about him with this interview…

Name: Ocean Wild


Location: Charleston, SC


1.Who are you? 

Well that is a loaded question. I am the witch they wrote so many faerie tales about, and I am the best friend you could ever ask for. I love to see people happy in love, and I love to see them drowning in the sorrow they bring upon themselves. I am me. But, overall I am just someone striving to do the best I can.


2.What services do you provide? 

Currently what I offer are glimpses into the future, and the ability to share the knowledge that I have procured over the years. Later, I may offer candles, spells, and other things to attract love or punish your enemy.


3.What do you hope to accomplish with your services?

I hope to enlighten others to keeping a balance. I hope to let others grow and offer a bit of healing where they need it. I also want to be that voice of honesty and reason that everyone needs.


4.How does Tarot influence you?

Tarot makes me a better individual. It allows me to tap into something that for a while I ignored. It also keeps me in my place. When I need a bit of wisdom or need a dose of reality they are always there to give it to me.


5.What deck/decks do you use & why? 

Currently when it comes to Tarot, I use the Shadowscapes Tarot and the Ghost & Spirits Tarot. These two speak to me on different levels. The Shadowscapes touches that older side, the side long forgotten to faerie tales that are buried deep in my soul. The Ghost and Spirits Tarot lets me touch my darker side, the deck is not by any means “evil” it is darker than any tarot deck I have ever used before, and I love it. I do as well work with Oracle cards, but I am much more inclined towards Tarot.


6.What’s your process for reading? What energy work do you do? 

My process for reading is usually having as little information as possible. I don’t want anything to influence my reading and I just want the natural energy of the person I am reading (or their name if they are not around) to fill my cards and let the rest be guided by the universe. The energy I tend to work with is the personal energy attached to a name or person. Or of course if I am doing a reading for something else (an object as one example) I like to feel the object and touch it.


7.Do you read for yourself? Or would you rather have another intuitive read you? 

I do read for myself. As far as a preference, it is either or. If I do a reading for myself it is normally a “wham bam thank you cards” type situation. I do enjoy however, the energy given off by another intuitive when a reading is done for me.


8.Do you use Tarot/Oracle Cards in magick?

I have never used Tarot or Oracle in a magickal workings. Mainly because I am very protective of my cards and I do not wish for anything to possibly happen. However, I am not opposed to the idea.


9.What advice do you have for someone new to cartomancy? 

My advice to anyone new to cartomancy is to find a deck that speaks to you. Some people believe that your first deck should be given as a gift… hogwash. You know yourself better than anyone. You know the energy that you are attracted to, you know what calls out to you better than anyone. So, listen. And you will start a wonderful journey, not with a deck of cards, but a new friend.


10.Where can future clients reach you?

Future clients can reach me at, or by sending me a text message to 843-633-3454 (just don’t call cause I won’t answer)


11.What initially drew you to Wondrous Wave?

Initially what drew me to Wondrous Wave was the positive energy of the site. As I looked through the website more, I began to enjoy the blog post and all that was encompassed in the website. And at that moment I knew I wanted to be apart of this. Besides… it could use a touch of darkness.


12.What do you look forward to most about being a team member?

What I look forward to most is the ability to share my knowledge with others. To use my talents (and I have to say they are pretty awesome) to help others when they need a little guidance.



Website: ;

Instagram:  OceanWildAtelier