Goddess Inspiration of the Week 2/6/2017- 2/12/2017


I’ve been changing it up a bit lately. I usually do a draw from my Goddess Inspiration Oracle but this week I really just want to talk about one Goddess in particular because I feel that she’s been calling to me… The Goddess Isis (pronounced “Aset”,) an Egyptian goddess associated with love and marriage, motherhood, magick, power, the sun, and life itself. She is often depicted holding an ankh, the symbol of life and the Egyptian concept of eternal life. Her name means “seat of the throne” and she often is depicted with a headdress that has a throne seat on it. She is royalty, she is a Queen.

Aset can also be seen with a headdress with a cobra or some iconography of cobra near her as the animal is sacred to her. In myth, she once tricked Ra into knowing his secret name with the aid of a cobra. The cobra bit him and she was the only one with the anti-venom of the specific type of cobra, if he wanted to live he had to tell her his name. After this, Aset was then known to be one of the most powerful deities because she had this secret knowledge. Although you may think that this was a cruel trick, and may want to judge her based off of this action as cold or malicious-think again. She is a devoted wife and mother and her love is so huge, it enraptures the universe. If you meditate upon her or call to her and she answers-I think you’ll understand what I mean. Other stories of Aset depict her devotion, like the story of her husband Osiris’s death. His brother Seth, murders him and Aset valiantly tries to get his body for a proper burial (as proper burials are very important in the funerary practices of ancient Egypt.) She finds his body but then once Osiris’s brother Seth finds out about this, he steals it and chops it up into 14 pieces, scattering the pieces across the Nile river. Aset is determined, she will give her husband a proper burial, she transforms into a hawk to see into the Nile waters from above, and gathers the pieces. The last piece that she couldn’t find was his penis, so she formed one out of clay from the riverbank and used her magick to put him back together and back to life. Aset and Osiris make love one last time, conceiving her son Horus. Osiris gets his proper burial and then ascends to becoming the ruler of the Underworld. Their son, Horus has the head of a hawk-which makes sense as Isis is often depicted with wings, can and can transform into a hawk. This is a brief synopsis of a rather complicated myth, for more information do some egyptology research and you’ll find some better versions and different versions as the myth has been told many times for thousands of years now.

Most statues of Aset can be seen with her nursing her son Horus or holding him…she is often associated with mothers and a mother’s love and nourishment for this reason. This depiction of mother and child today is seen with statues of Mother Mary and baby Jesus. The stories of Jesus and Horus are very similar. Aset is known for her wisdom, whether it be magickal wisdom, secret names, or a mother’s advice. Growing up, I’d often hear sayings like “Mama knows best.” In this case, I feel that the goddess Aset does know best. She is wise, she is knowledgable, she is timeless truths.

I’ve felt her calling to me lately, her passion for those that she loves and her strength to carry on and ascend to greatness is so humbling. I aspire to be like her, to have the will to keep going even after loss, to love fiercely, to look for knowledge and wisdom of the world and to take pride in my own magick. This is the kind of self love I’ve been trying to cultivate in my heart. She has been helping me realize it and manifest. I hope that you have someone or a deity or spirit that can help you in this way and can inspire you to love yourself and do best for your life.