Goddess Inspiration of the Week 2/27/17-3/5/17

When I first pulled these two cards I could not believe my eyes, this week the energies of Brigit and Maman Brigitte have descended upon us. The reason why I could not believe my eyes is that there are so many interesting similarities between the two deities and some believe they are the same. The reason why some people believe that they are the same entity because during the Catholic Church’s conquest to convert Ireland from it’s Druidic roots, the Goddess Brigit slowly morphed into St. Brigit of Kildare. Then this Catholic Saint made her way to the Island of Haiti and slowly became Maman Brigitte, the wife of the Lwa Le Baron Samedi. She is often described as a white woman with red hair. This is a very summarized synopsis, there’s a lot that goes into how a deity changes and transforms over time, however, this is the reason why after shuffling both decks and those two cards came up- I said couldn’t believe the outcome.

It makes sense for both of them to be influencing us this week, Brigit is associated with Imbolc, the 2nd of February. She is a Goddess associated with fire and new life springing forth from the earth. It’s the breaking of the ice and the welcoming of the season of spring into the air and renewing the fire of life into our hearts. Her message is “Don’t Back Down.” She is also known as a warrior and a healer. She is the embodiment of the witch’s herb rede “What can cure, can kill.” Ever sine I dyed my hair red, I’ve been feeling very Brigit like, another reason why I was so surprised! Brigit is known as a skilled craftsperson, artist and poet. You may petition her for help with any creative project and she will refuel your fire for creativity. This week, stay dedicated to your passions and your projects. If you keep with it, you will be successful. Fight for what you love.


Maman Brigitte is very different than Brigit. She is fiery and passionate, but instead of being a harbinger of new life she guides the spirits of the dead to their final resting place and resides at the cemetery. It is said that Maman Brigitte protects the dead who are buried with a symbol of a cross on their headstones, a common symbol between the two of them.  The image here is her Veve, or a sacred symbol for the Lwa. Haitian Voodou is a closed religion and I do not condone the use of the symbol or invoking this deity if you have not been properly initiated and trained for this kind of spiritual work. This veve is here for aesthetic purposes only. Maman Brigitte’s message for us this week is that which appears to be dead will soon be resurrected, look for it. You may have thought something was over or given up, things will change and renew.



What beautiful energies to manifest this week, remember not to give up and to watch for things to change and renew. That sounds like the beginning of March to me! I am so excited for spring and some nice weather. I miss being outside and enjoying nature. I hope these messages inspire you to look for the goddess inspiration within you.