Goddess Inspiration for the week of 3/6/17-3/12/17

I tried something a little different this week, as I’ve been trying to do to keep things fresh! I prayed to the Goddess and asked what was something that we needed to focus on this week and I got the Third Eye chakra card.  In the Conscious Spirit Oracle deck there’s a woman depicted holding her hands in the prayer position, with light coming from her third eye chakra that is extending out to the universe. I love that there is an affirmation at the bottom of each card. It really takes the Oracle from being a divination tool into being a life tool. The affirmation for this card is “I see the wisdom of my higher self and apply this wisdom in my life.” Another great deck with affirmations is the Crystal Mandala Oracle, which I absolutely love as well.

For this week, let’s focus on our connection to our higher selves. Not just the connection to the Divine but the connection to the higher self, your soul, your “other”, your spirit. The innate energy that makes you uniquely you. Within your higher self is all of the information that you’ve been searching for, for you are complete and perfect. All of the information about your past lives and who you truly are is in your soul, it’s just up to you to connect to it and let it resonate. There is so much undiscovered wisdom and ecstasy that you find when delving into your higher self with meditation and trance states. I first encountered a trance state when I was experimenting with meditation when I was 15, it was so blissful I couldn’t believe it. My entire body was relaxed and my spirit left my body, I went for a jaunt in a beautiful forest and played some games with a spirit guide of mine then went back to my body. It was so simple but it left me feeling connected and completely sure of who I was deep down inside. I’ve done more serious trance work for police missing person’s cases, visiting the Akashic records and communing with the dead. Those sessions all give me feelings of bliss too. The third eye chakra is in my opinion, one of the most powerful chakras because it encompasses the phrase “know thyself.”

This week to work on the third eye chakra you can:

Wear purple or indigo

Carry on your person or place an amethyst, labradorite, lapis lazuli, or lepidolite stone on your body

Say the affirmation of the third eye chakra card out loud when you wake up and before bed. “I see the wisdom of my higher self and apply this wisdom in my life.”

Meditate and envision your third eye chakra opening and seeing the world through it’s eye


May you find your true self,