Goddess Inspiration of the Week for 3/13/17-3/19/17

So lately everyone’s been talking about a particular goddess by the name of Venus. The planet Venus is currently in retrograde and has been since March 5th, it will not be out of retrograde until April 15th. Lemme tell you, it has been hitting me HARD and I’m not even a sign ruled by Venus! So, I decided that this month’s Goddess Inspiration would be about Venus/Aphrodite. When Venus is in retrograde it’s a time to reassess values and what’s important to you in your life. Lately I’ve been having realizations that there’s so many things I want to do before I settle down that I just haven’t accomplished yet! Most of all, I want to travel. This is a time that is good for making those lists of things you want to accomplish or what’s most important to you and start saving up for that big wonderful thing. It’s not recommended to make any big purchases during this time, just save and plan. This also means reassessing relationships and what is meaningful to you and your partner. Issues from the past may come up again or new issues may arise at this time. It’s very important to communicate honestly and affectionately to work through it together. Keep in mind that since Venus rules over love, your ex’s may pop out of the wood work to try to creep back into your life. I had an ex try to add me on Facebook from high school the other day, we haven’t even spoken since high school. I’ve had more conversations with ex’s lately than I have all year whether it be Facebook or text, it’s really quite odd.

During this time it’s also important to pay attention to aesthetics but be careful if you’re thinking about changing your look–you may regret it later. I’ve had a really hard time with this before I realized what the hell was going on, I didn’t feel pretty at all. I go through periods of time where I feel like a slob because I never get to feel pretty. I work in a job where I don’t wear make up (because I’ll sweat it off with the kind of labor I do,) and I can’t wear skirts or dresses (because I work on ladders and high heights) or cute shoes or any of the typical feminine girly girl stuff. It makes me sad because I love dressing up and wearing pretty jewelry and doing make up and my hair and everything…at least I used to…anymore it’s like a luxury that I can hardly relate to and feel a little awkward in. After so long of spending time in men’s clothes, you start to wonder if women’s clothes will fit again. I’ve dyed my hair three times, gotten my hair cut, curled it and straightened it this month. It’s just funny. Once I realized that I was probably going through some kind of self aesthetics slump because of this retrograde it all made sense.

It’s snowing outside but I’m sitting in a lot of sunlight with some rose quartz next to me as I type this out, it’s warm and loving feeling. This week, radically practice self love and appreciation. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I am beautiful!” and mean it! Make lists of all the things you want to do with your life, what you value, where you want to go and your new budget for optimum saving and all of that jazz! You can do it! Spend some time really communicating with your partner, look each other in the eyes for at least 3 minutes a day. Kiss often and hug everyone you love. Venus teaches us that if we uphold our own values, others will notice and respect those values and may even add them to their own lives. She also teaches us that if we ARE love, we promote love and inspire love in all people and situations in our lives. We have a long way until we are out of retrograde, but at least we have a start to getting through it together.