Goddess Inspiration of the Week for 3/20-3/26

This week I pulled from my Doreen Virtue Goddess Guidance cards the card for the Celtic Goddess, Damara. Her message is short and simple-enrich the lives of children. It is possible to be a fierce protective mother as well as a loving nurturer- Damara is a key example of this phenomenon. Most people would say that you’re being a “mama bear” over your children or even your close friends by fiercely protecting them but being loving and kind at the same time. A love so strong that it strikes fear in others. Damara was also attributed to being Queen of the Fairies and all things green are associated with her. She is a real earth mama and loves plants and flowers.

Damara encourages us to work with children, whether we be parents or not to learn from them and to teach them in turn. She guides and protects children so she is a great deity to call upon to protect your children. This makes sense to me for many reasons for my personal life as I regard Wondrous Wave as my baby and I’ve been working on seeing it grow and change as time goes on. I’ve been working on my business and trying to make it the best it can be. I do what I can to make my customers feel fulfilled and that they are being heard– you are so important to me. I went to a gem show today and got some lovely goodies that I will be updating the shop with soon! So stay tuned!

This week take some time to take care of, learn from, teach, enrich, play, sing and dance with some little ones. Childhood isn’t so far away now that you’re an adult, you remember it- don’t you? Or did you not get to experience the freedom of childhood because of circumstances out of your control? Take some time to play this week, have fun! Skip, dance, play games! It’s time to let that inner child fly! Or at least close your eyes and pretend! Damara is also the goddess of imagination, use yours this week for problem solving and you’ll be amazed at how quickly things can get done!

Bears are not necessarily associated with Damara in folklore but I feel that Bear Spirit is with her, as bears are amazing parents. Mother Bears stay with their young and teach them how to survive 1-3 years into their lives. The lessons keep going and they experience so much together, for the animal world that’s a long time. This week, if you are a parent- think back to the first few years of your child’s life and what you went through together.. This is a time of reflection for as a parent you don’t just see the child as they are, you see them as they were, as they are and what they will become.

Whenever there are difficult times in our lives, we can easily loose those troubles when looking into the eyes of a smiling child or holding a sleeping baby. Let yourself be lost in the serenity of innocence and hope for the future generation and for better times yet to come.


If you accept them I offer you blessings and love.