New Tarot Deck Review: Romantic Tarot

I’ve been wanting to get some love and romance related decks for some time. I absolutely adore my Romance Angels deck by Doreen Virtue and find that the readings that they give are spot on. However, I love reading with tarot and oracle combined so I’ve been trying to find a deck that would be compatible with Romance Angels…this is it.

The Romantic Tarot is set in four different places around the world during the Victorian era. The Chalices are set in Venice, the Pentacles in Rome, Wands in Paris and Swords in Vienna. Each card in the little white book has a key word like the Fool’s keyword is “Dandy” which totally makes sense for the depiction of the fool in this deck. I really love the use of roses and flowers in this deck as well. Also, for someone who is very obsessive about how the cards are depicted you will LOVE this deck, every minor card has the number of whatever the card is represented in many different ways. For example, the 5 of swords has 5 swords in the image as well as 5 swans, the three of cups has three cups on the wall and three women standing in three archways, the three of pentacles has man trying to bend three rings, three women looking at him bending the rings, and three coins in his hat on the ground for tips. There are so many examples of this in the deck, it’s awesome. They are fun to point out as you look through!

The backs are reversible and the borders are not very distracting. There’s no names of the fools only the numbers and symbols if needed. Each suit has a different dominant color as well as place, which adds to the feel of each suit. The borders also alternate between gold or green foliage which is interesting to look at in a spread.

Now on to the deck interview:

Starting with the Left top I asked: Who are you?

The deck responded Strength, the message of this card is that violence is not the answer and physical exertion is futile  and that the romantic soul thrives on a different form of strength, that of compassion and gentleness.. The Strength card is one of my favorites, this was a fantastic introduction.

Middle top I asked: How will we work together?

The 7 of cups, this card is about breaking illusions. The people at the party are all concealed in some way, women holding fans and men wearing masks, this card tells me that we will work together to uncover the truth and break illusion.

Right top I asked: What lesson will you teach me?

The 5 of swords. This is a card about loss and moving on. This man looks like he’s been in the process of grief and moving on for some time and he comes to the park to feed the swans every now and again for solace. I believe that this card is saying that we’ll learn together to be okay with being alone and how to move on.

Bottom left I asked: What are your strengths?

The Emperor, constancy, being a gentleman. I get the feeling that I can depend on this deck, like it’s a stand up man or cry on it’s strong shoulder if I have to… it’s a good feeling.

Bottom middle: What are your weaknesses?

Ace of pentacles, not the best deck for a financial report or job reading. I get that, however I feel that it’s also saying that it could be helpful with money in regard to relationships and gaining or losing money via these relationships. There just has to be a bridge.

Bottom right I asked: Outcome of relationship

The Star, a beautiful evening with lovers. I feel like this deck is trying to take me home. Strength and The Star in an interview reading? That’s awesome because they are some of my favorite cards.

I’m really enjoying getting to know this deck and would highly recommend for love readings. However, the deck has mostly heterosexual relationships depicted so it’s not very inclusive in that regard but you can interpret the cards however are needed.

Best wishes,