What’s Wave been up to?

The past couple of months have been very busy for Wondrous Wave!


On August 27th 2017 Wondrous Wave had a booth at Enchanted Expo offering tarot and vending jewelry and crystals. I had a lovely and FULL day of clients and readings. Every Enchanted Expo has been a very positive experience for Wondrous Wave so far. The free lectures are always a great benefit to the community and there’s real healing and knowledge there.

I sold some of my gently used Tarot and Oracle decks. As a professional reader I tend to go through many decks trying to find what works for me and what resonates with me. Every reader and intuitive feels differently about imagery and concepts presented in these decks. I made little pamphlets to go with the decks on information of how to cleanse and bless the decks for their highest good so that way they would have that information ready. It’s important to cleanse and bless a deck for your highest good before attempting to work with the deck. This positive action will ensure your success and connection with the divination system.

I was so happy to see some return clients who frequent the Enchanted Expo each year. I love catching up with people after a few months and keeping in touch. It gives me great joy to be able to offer these divinatory services and facilitate healing.

On September 9th 2017 Wave was reading Tarot and Oracle at the FIreborn Alchemy booth at Twin Cities Pagan Pride Day.

I also volunteered an hour or so at the Reiki Rebel’s tent for free/donation based community healing with Nsasi Vence Guerra. It was amazing to be able to offer free community healing to those who wanted sessions. Reiki is for the highest good of the individual and promotes healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  I talked with Nsasi after the event and she counted about 50 people that day that received healing. I’m so proud to be a part of the healing that took place in that little blue tent that breezy day.  For more information about Reiki Rebels in the Twin Cities, look for Reiki Rebels on Facebook to engage in community healing.



Also during the Twin Cities Pagan Pride Day Wave took part in the Santa Muerte Celebration. This is a picture of the Santa Muerte Shrine, there’s a large black robed Santa Muerte, small white Santa Muerte statues, images of La Santissima Muerte and my Muerte, La Dama Rosada or The Pink Lady. There were Aztec Dancers and prayers. It was a beautiful celebration of The Skinny Lady. I have been working with Muerte heavily this past year but I have been called to working with her for the past 5 years.



A picture of me cheezin with my Muerte. She’s The Pink Lady, a Spirit of love, healing, beauty, fabulousness, psychic ability through channeling divine love. I’ve gotten to know her a little bit but this takes time, working with her takes much heart and effort but she accepts ALL and loves ALL. Something beautiful about the practice of Muerte is her acceptance of us all, it resonates with me deeply. I’ve been sending a lot of prayers and love to Mexico, the home of La Santissima Muerte after the two earthquakes and hurricane damage.

I plan on doing a more in depth post about Santa Muerte practices and her origin, that will be coming soon.

After all of these wonderful events, I had to spend some time by myself and do some healing. As any reader, healer and intuitive it takes time to heal yourself and love yourself to recuperate. Even though Reiki is channeling universal energy and does not have any negative affect on the channeler but tarot and oracle readings and psychic readings can be draining for a psychic. The third eye is like a muscle that when used can become tired and sore. For psychics, this muscle is a bit stronger than others but it still needs to rest. It’s important to be able to know when it is important to rest for yourself and for the highest good of your clients.

I had a wonderful self care weekend this past weekend, I had a limpia and a massage and a relaxing three day weekend.

More to come soon!

Also make sure to check out Wondrous Wave’s first podcast: Wave’s Witching Hour


Love and Blessings if you accept them,