Wave’s Witching Hour Episode 6 The Seance

This week Wave talked about Connecting to Spirit and Conducting your own Seance!


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Free Spell of the Week:

Wave’s Mojo Bag for Protection from Evil Spirits

You’ll need:

-black or white flannel material sewn to create a bag using thread of the same color as the bag.

-herbs: hyssop, nettle, high john the conquer root, mandrake, espanto muerte

-stones: smoky quartz, onyx

-a pinch of graveyard dirt (if you do not know how to properly obtain graveyard dirt, do not add this in)

-iron shavings off a railroad spike

-a holy symbol (a charm of a cross, pentacle, star of david, etc)

-a petition to your protector spirits to keep you safe from any negative entities or energies

Hold each item and put your energy into it, praying over it for protection, believing it will protect you

Place them in the bag, breathe into the bag giving the bag the “breath of life”

Tie up the bag praying as you tie for protection from evil.

Anoint with an oil for keeping away evil or some olive oil that you have prayed over

Feed the bag some whiskey and keep on your person for protection

DO NOT let anyone touch it or see it. Keep it hidden in a pants pocket, bra, tied somewhere inside your clothing, etc.