Wave’s Witching Hour Episode 7 Spellcrafting with Ragabash Halcon

This week’s episode is a special interview with Ragabash Halcon of Fireborn Alchemy on Spellcrafting!


You can listen to the podcast here.


Free Spell’s of the Week: Attracting Good Fortune

From Wave: A Lucky Foot Wash!

The materials you’ll need to gather and create during waxing moon.

First make an oil for good luck, use a carrier oil like olive oil or grapseed oil, add essential oils of Sandalwood, Pine, Frankinsense and Bergamont, add herbs of clovers, five finger grass, lucky hand root or salep root into the oil.

Pray over every item as you add in it saying how good fortune is coming your way.

A smudge stick

Hot Water

A big bowl or tub big enough to fit your feet in

The Rite: During the Full Moon

Cleanse yourself using a smudging method (sage, palo santo, etc)

Pour hot water into the tub, add in the luck oil you made

Wash your feet with this mixture, saying “With every step I make forward good fortune comes my way!” 

Pour out the water behind your property to keep good luck coming through the front door.


You can also use this oil and water combo for a floor wash in your home, or to do a full bath, washing your head first and down the rest of your body.


Raga’s Good Fortune Drawing Plant Spell:


Before you begin, you’ll need to do research on the type of good fortune you want. Research on the type of plant and on your region’s growing season. Examples:

Basil = love

Dill = money, luck

Sage = protection

The day after winter solstice, as the days are getting longer… go outside when the sun is at its fullest. Take with you a packet of seeds and an offering of incense.

  1. Find a place where you will not be distracted and feels comfortable to you.
  2. Start your ritual the way that you normally would. If you call on deity, cast a circle, call the corners, etc please do that here.
  3. Say hello and acknowledge the Sun. Tell it what you want from it and what you intend to do. Speak your intent. When I speak, it’s usually something like this: Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for all your blessings and for continuing to bless me and my work. Today, I ask that you bless these seeds so they might grow into full plants and bring me luck, good fortune, and happiness.
  4. Light the incense. This incense is both an offering to the sun and a way to cleanse your seeds. Speak out loud to the sun, letting it know that this is your offering for it. Then pass your seeds over the smoke of the incense, visualizing that smoke passing through the packet of seeds and lifting off any negative energy or residual energies.
  5. Visualize the light from the sun filling your seeds full of light until the packet feels like a ball of pure energy. Speak aloud your intentions, something like: These seeds are gathering the energy of the life-giving sun. They are full of joy, energy, and abundance. They are blessed by the sun. When I plant these seeds, they will grow with fullness.
  6. Thank the sun again for its blessings. Close out the ritual in the way you normally do.
  7. Save the ashes!

When it makes sense for you to plant these seeds regionally….

  1. Find a place where this plant will succeed, a place that the sun will touch and warm the plant.
  2. Dig a hole, according to the depth of the plant instructions.
  3. Put a little of the ashes of the first working in the hole and your seeds. As you do that, state your intention: I am planting these seeds to bring good fortune to me. As these seeds grow, so will my good fortune. These ashes, once given as an offering to the sun, will now fertilize and nourish my seeds.
  4. Cover over the seeds.
  5. Next to the hole, put in a lodestone. Put one in your pocket and carry it with you. Lodestones are attractive, and will pull that energy to you. One next to the plant and one on you. State your intention: As this lodestone is next to this plant and next to me, the stones will work to bring good fortune and energy to me.

You have to come back to this working often… almost daily. Water and care for the plant. As it grows, so will your fortune. As it withers, so will your fortune.

At the end of the season, it’s harvest time! Thank the plant for its work and energy. Harvest. Eat. Take that energy and good fortune into yourself.