Wave’s Witching Hour Episode 8 An Interview with Yaya Nsasi Vence Guerra on La Santisima Muerte

Yaya Nsasi Vence Guerra and Wave discuss their love for Santa Muerte in this episode.

Check out the interview here.

La Dama Rosada

La Santa Muerte or Saint Holy death is a folk saint of Mexico. She is revered as the Mother of all and represents all of our mortality in this life. Where there is life, there is death. Santa Muerte does not judge, ALL can come to her and she will have an open heart and open arms to her followers. She has become rather popular with those who are the “outcasts” of society including sex workers, members of the LGBTQIA community, as well as the common man. Santa Muerte comes to those who She wants to work with her, in most cases she chooses you. La Santa Muerte will let you know by dreams, visions, and speaking directly to you that it is time to venerate her and work with her. She is direct and will tell you what she wants for an offering.


She is a separate practice and must not be syncretized  with other death deities like Kali, Baron Samedi, Oya, Etc. She is to be kept separate. She is not to be appropriated into another practice. She is from Mexico, from the indigenous pre-colonized roots of the Aztecs–preserved through time and Catholic conversion by making her a Saint instead of the original death deity that she once was…

Doing research and learning about her roots as Mictēcacihuātl “Lady of the Dead” to the Aztecs and how she changed over the years is a part of her practice. Respect her roots, respect HER.

Santa Muerte has robes of many colors, each color pertains to a different area in which she will work with you. The main three colors that are popular in her practice are White, Black, and Red. This is a more traditional way of working, now there are many different colors with the influence of the “New Age Spirituality” phenomenon and the practice of Ifa influencing her tradition.

Her Robe Colors and their significance:

  • White for protection, cleansing, purity, healing
  • Black for protection or hexing or repelling evil
  • Red for passion, love and power, bringing forth love and a lost love
  • Pink for protection, friendship, love, gentle grace, sweetness
  • Gold, Silver and Green for money, wealth
  • Yellow for success in all endeavors
  • Blue for healing, wisdom and prosperity
  • Amber for healing from drug addictions
  • Brown for court cases and legal matters, wisdom, contacting the dead
  • Purple for healing and psychic mastery
  • Rainbow for all encompassing
  • Dollar Bills for money

For this episode there is no spell at the end of the episode but a suggestion to create a basic altar to La Santa Muerte, the minimum that you’ll need:

  • An image of La Santa Muerte
  • An offering of water
  • An offering of bread
  • coffee or rum, candies or sweets (Let her tell you what She wants)

Refresh the water and offerings once a week, let Muerte tell you a day that is to be HER day for refreshing her altar. Trash the offerings that you cannot let biodegrade, place the biodegradable offerings in nature, by a tree, in the river.