A Message from Wave

Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my site! If you have decided to take advantage of my services provided, I’m excited to work with you. If not I’d be happy to hear any feedback or comments to help improve this site and serve others better. You can provide feedback by clicking on the Feedback button on the right side of your screen. Any feedback given is greatly appreciated.


My goal is to provide spiritual guidance and healing for others for the betterment of their own spiritual journey. I was blessed to receive the teachers and mentors in my life that came to me in what seemed to be the perfect timing. I wish to continue their legacy by assisting others that may be in search for a teacher or mentor in regards to spiritual growth and life enrichment or even if you just need a friend.

For this site, I would like to keep to a universal spiritual appeal involving different methods and practices from varying forms of spirituality for growth and understanding in my blog. Stay tuned, there may be a post that’s just what you’re looking for or were curious to explore. Also, any prayers, affirmations, meditations, etc will be formatted in a way that you can fill in whatever energies/entities you’d like to work with for accessibility.

If you choose to accept it, I offer you blessings and love.