About Tarot, Oracle & Lenormand



The Tarot is a divination system using a deck of 78 cards. Tarot cards were originally made for card games in Europe during the mid 15th century. Later they were used by occultists for divinatory practices and the use of the cards for gaming dwindled. The cards are split into major arcana and minor arcana. The major arcana are archetypal scenes depicting people in situations that represent things that happen in daily life. The minor arcana are split into four suits, wands (associated with the element of fire), swords (air), chalices (water), pentacles (earth). Each suit has dominion over an element found in nature as well as what that element represents in our daily lives. For example, since chalices are associated with water they often are reflections of our emotional state in our lives. Pentacles ruling over earth are over our domestic lives, home and family as well as finances. Swords associate with air, air being the element that rules over communication, thought, business and the mind. Wands, the suit of fire correspond to the passionate and creative endeavors of life.

Wave uses the Universal Tarot, which are based off of the classic Rider-Waite deck (in picture above). They are very basic and are easy for her to communicate the meanings to the client, novice, or fellow reader. Tarot is capable of delivering messages for any topic at hand.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are cards used for divination that are based around a particular theme. They vary with the amount of cards in each deck. Each card has a meaning assigned to the card by the manufacturer/creator of the deck. However, many readers intuitively read the cards which means that the original meaning assigned to the card may or may not apply because the reader is using their intuition and not the book that the cards came with fresh out of the box. Wave reads intuitively.

Wave loves using Oracle card decks.


Some of her favorite decks currently include:


Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish


Oracle of the Mermaids is a Oracle deck great for readings involving spiritual development, romantic relationships, other interpersonal relationships and family matters. This is ideal for a person who loves the ocean and working with the potent force of the water element.

Wave loves to work with these cards as the spirit of the mermaid is one that speaks to her and having this special connection to water helps her divine for you whatever messages must come to you.





Indigo Angel Oracle by Doreen Virtue


Indigo Angel Oracle is a deck that is concerned with the messages from your guardian angels and the forces that protect and guide you. They are good for consulting on all matters of life as your guardians are always with you. This deck is a favorite of Wave’s because it’s gentle loving energies create a fantastic experience for both the reader and the client. Your angels are truly speaking through the cards with love and compassion.




Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild


Crystal Mandala Oracle is a deeply spiritual oracle deck, concerned with the evolution of the soul and spiritual development of a person. They tend to have a profound impact for each individual with the messages that they carry. Each card has a specific crystal and either an angel, ascended master or goddess assigned to each crystal so there’s many complex messages with each card. For each card there is also an affirmation and healing program given by Alana Fairchild. The mantras are fantastic and Wave highly recommends them for anyone interested in affirmation work.







Lenormand cards are based off of a prophetess Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand who used a deck of 36 playing cards to divine for the wealthy and poor alike in 1700’s France. She was imprisoned on more than one occasion for being accused of being a sorceress. Now, many different decks of Lenormand style cards are available and cartomancy is thriving. Here’s an example of a sample Lenormand spread.

Wave uses the Blue Bird Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards. These cards use a significator card in the center, which means that the client must indicate whether they would like the card for the Gentleman or the Lady in the center for their reading. Lenormand readings tend to pertain to daily life as of the now, great for revealing what is hidden to you and what is coming up for you in the near future.