Who is Wave?


Wave is a tarot and oracle card reader and Reiki Master/Teacher. Her mission is to aid and facilitate the personal growth of each individual that connects with her. This photo was taken shortly after she received her Reiki Master certificate in 2012.

Wave loves helping others and wishes to be of service to you.


Wave started her journey with tarot when she was given a deck as a birthday present when she was 13 years old. She comes from a family that encouraged intuitive abilities and was open to  psychic phenomenon. Working with tools for divination led her to joining spiritual groups and eventually a Reiki circle where she started her Reiki training at the age of 18. Reiki has had a profound impact on her life, changing her forever. Wave experiences great joy in healing others and truly believes in the power of the universal energy that is Reiki.


When she is not doing readings or Reiki sessions, she can be found reading a book, spending time on a hike in nature, traveling, and spending time with loved ones. She enjoys arts and crafts, coloring, and working in theatre.


This photo was taken in May of 2016 on a visit to Savannah, GA while doing some paranormal investigating. Wave also does medium work and has worked with ghost hunters/paranormal investigators. She has also worked with police on missing persons cases. If you are in need of this kind of assistance, feel free to send her an email at wondrouswave@gmail.com.  Wave would like to help.

Wave lives in Auckland, New Zealand.